Speech & Language Therapy

Talking is an essential skill for children to master in order for them to be able to learn, develop confidence and make friends.  About 7% of five-year-old children have a Speech, Language or Communication Need (SLCN).  These needs could be specific to their speech and language development, for example they might have difficulty

  • understanding what is said to them
  • producing sounds and words
  • putting words together into sentences
  • using language appropriately in a social situation
  • with fluency e.g. stammering or stuttering
  • producing a loud or clear enough voice

SLCN may also be secondary to other difficulties or diagnoses, for example

  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Learning difficulty
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hearing loss
  • Selective mutism

Speech and Language Therapy can help all of these children to reach their communication potential by identifying their needs and building on their strengths.  A range of services is available including

  • An initial assessment and a written summary of the assessment findings with recommendations
  • Bespoke home / nursery / school programmes providing written advice and activities to target the child’s specific needs
  • 1:1 therapy sessions at home / nursery / school involving parents and teachers so that work can continue in between sessions
  • Bespoke training for staff and professionals on speech, language and communication development and how to support children with SLCN

SLT is charged at £60 per hour.  You will be provided with an estimate of how much your package of care will cost, but as a guide assessments usually last about an hour and therapy sessions 30-45 minutes.

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