Baby Signing

We all use gesture as a natural part of our communication. Babies’ understanding of words and ability to control their hands develops before they can say words. They will often learn natural gestures, such as pointing, waving and raising their arms as a request to be picked up before they start to talk. You can add to your child’s vocabulary and help reduce their frustration by teaching them some more signs with which to communicate better. In Baby Signing, the spoken word is always used alongside the sign so that the child makes the link between the two. Signing also helps to gain and maintain your child’s attention, because they will be looking at what you are doing as well as listening to what you are saying.

Signing for Babies is a series of flexible, fun sessions designed to encourage the development of language and communication in babies. The classes are suitable from the age of 6 – 12 months.

You will learn 100 Makaton signs and symbols through games, songs and activities over six weekly sessions.

At the end of the six weeks, you will receive a Makaton Signing for Babies Pocket Book which includes the signs and symbols that are taught on the course.

If you would like to host a baby signing class for your NCT group or other circle of friends, sessions can be arranged in the comfort of your own home. If you are able to recruit seven babies and parents, you as host will not be charged for your sessions.

If you are unable to attend classes, or would prefer to learn baby signing on your own, as a couple, or with siblings sessions can be arrange in your own home.

Baby signing classes make an ideal gift! Why not buy vouchers for a friend or relative who has a young baby?

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