Eating & Drinking

There are many reasons why children might have difficulty with eating, drinking and swallowing. We can provide assessment, therapy and advice for children and babies who

  • have difficulty sucking and/or swallowing
  • are having difficulty weaning
  • are finding it difficult to transition to lumpy or more challenging textures
  • have low or high muscle tone, or difficulty co-ordinating the muscles needed for biting, chewing and swallowing
  • are at risk of aspiration (food or drink going the ‘wrong way’ into their lungs instead of their stomach)
  • suffer from repeated chest infections
  • are ‘fussy eaters’

Assessment and therapy is charged at £60 per hour. You will be provided with an estimate of how much your package of care will cost, but as a guide assessments usually last about an hour and therapy sessions 30-45 minutes.

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Social Little Things also offers Speech & Language Therapy, Baby Massage, and Baby Signing.